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Fun with BoBo the Clown
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     BoBo the Clown, Mike Dzuba, is a family man from Endicott, New York.  Besides sharing and enjoying his special talent as a Clown, Mike is also the owner of a commercial heating company in Endicott.

     In 1986, Mike's sister Kathy and wife Dottie, had a local baking business and sold holiday cookies as their specialty.  During Easter deliveries Mike would arrive dressed as a talking bunny to entertain customers.  As a result, the invitations to perform at children's parties mounted and Mike found himself wanting to learn more about performing.

     Mike began by reading self-help books on the art of performing as a clown.  However, the majority of his technique and style came naturally.  Mike also attended schools that specialized in training clowns in Syracuse and Albany, New York.  He started out as your basic white-faced clown but quickly grew and began to learn make-up techniques; he now uses the Auguste make-up.  The decision to use the Name BoBo resulted from Mike's desire to make it easy for small children to say and remember.

     Mike's performances improved and he increased in popularity then noticed parents videotaping his shows.  The children liked watching the videos repeatedly!  In 1999, Mike decided to produce his own video for those who couldn't attend the live performances and "Fun With BoBo the Clown," was brought into the world for so many to enjoy.

     Mike, as BoBo the Clown, is a member of the RSVP Clown Corps of Catholic Charities.  Mike is also becoming more involved in the Clown Ministry, touching the hearts of so many.

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Fun with BoBo the Clown

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